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Authorization Claims

When creating my WCF version of a Security Token Service, I also created a flexible way to add claims to the security token by basing that functionallity on the provider model. One of the providers I created, issues authorization claims that gives you access (for example ReadOwn, Read, Create, UpdateOwn, Update and so on) to tasks (or replace task with resource). When I first did this I wasn't satisfied with scheme that I came up with. My solution was to extend the claim type with the type of permission and then just use the task identifier as resource. After doing some catch up on some of my blog reading I read this excellent post by Vibro called Claim types: a coarse taxonomy and I immediately changed my implementation to follow the R-STS pattern suggested. In my opinion the format is better and one evidence of that is that my code got easier both to write and to read.

Published den 21 juli 2008 22:42 by ericqu



Jim said:

Do you have the source code for what you're working on available for download?
september 30, 2008 17:01

ericqu said:

Unfortunately, I don't have a complete download available because it is referencing and also contains some code that I could not share. I belive (or hope :), though that it would not be too much of work for you to put together the posts that I have done on STS (see STS tag) to a working STS.

september 30, 2008 22:20
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